What are the types of Dentures?

In general, prosthesis types are divided into two as fixed and mobile. Fixed dentures are prostheses that are attached to the mouth with a material and cannot be removed. Removable prostheses are types of prostheses that are inserted and removed by patients and need daily care.

What is the difference between fixed and removable Dentures?

The number of teeth determines the difference between these two prostheses. In cases where there are more teeth, a fixed prosthesis is made, and in case of a large number of teeth, a removable denture is made. Removable prostheses are also divided into partial or full two. If all teeth are lost, a complete prosthesis is needed, whereas in cases where some teeth are lost, partial prostheses are needed.

What types of alternatives are there for those who do not want to use dentures?

There are some alternatives for those who do not want to use removable prostheses. Implant comes first. This situation, which especially affects patients psychologically and causes anxiety about their external appearance, can be solved with implant treatment. With this method, removable prostheses can be fixed with implant treatment.

What is Prosthetic Dental Treatment?

It is one of the last procedures to be applied in tooth deficiency. Generally, the aim is to protect the tooth from decay, if there is a decay in the tooth, fill it and protect its integrity. In cases where all these cannot be done, the prosthesis method can be applied. Fixed prostheses called crowns are used in cases where the tooth decays too much and the filling is insufficient. Or, in case the tooth is completely lost, prostheses called removable are used.

The number of teeth in our network determines whether this prosthesis will be mobile or immobile.