What is an Implant?

Implant is the name given to artificial tooth roots made of titanium alloy, which are placed in order to replace the missing teeth. Implants; It consists of two parts, prostheses and implants. If you have missing teeth and do not have a negative situation for implant construction, the best procedure is implant application. Implant application is usually performed under hospital conditions and under local anesthesia.

How is Implant treatment done?

General anesthesia or sedation is performed under local anesthesia unless the patient specifically requests it. After local anesthesia is applied to the area of ​​toothlessness, the operation area is opened. After a small incision is made in the gingiva, a slot is opened in the bone by using tools to make a slot in the bone called a specially made bur. Implants are placed in place of opened slots. Patients usually have the possibility of a slight swelling in their cheeks for a day or two. Patients usually have little trouble after implant surgery.

In which cases is Implant done?

In case of missing teeth, implant treatment is performed. If there is an appropriate amount of bone for implant placement in both a single tooth and more missing teeth, implant treatment can be considered for any situation.

How are Implant supported prostheses made?

Implant supported prostheses are made in two ways. It is divided into fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. Fixed prostheses are preferred in cases where there is less tooth deficiency. Removable prostheses are made in cases where there are many implants and in cases where there are many toothless areas. It can be applied to each patient according to the oral condition of the patient, multiple deficiencies or single tooth deficiency.

How is advanced Implant treatment performed?

If there is not enough bone, bone formation process is required in patients. If we need a small amount of bone, the patient will need bone powders of cattle (xenograft) and the materials we call membrane that will cover it in the form of a tent. If the amount of bone is too low, bone formation is performed by taking bone from the patient’s own bone. After these procedures, which must be performed by experienced surgeons, 4-6 months are waited. After the bone matures, the patient is implanted.

What to do after Implant application?

Implants are applied in one or two stages. In the double stage, after the implant is placed, it is covered with a gum. After 1.5-2 months, after the bone has fused with the implant, a second procedure is performed under soft local anesthesia on the implant and metal parts called the healing head are placed on the implant. After waiting 1 week and 10 days, it is ready for the prosthesis stage. In a single stage, both the implant and the healing head to be placed on it later are placed at the same time. In this way, the patient is prepared for the prosthesis phase to be made after 1.5 months. Whether it is single or double stage is decided according to the quality of the bone, whether the implant can hold on to the bone well or not. If possible, the single-stage technique is preferred because the patient will not need a second surgery.

What is the All on 4 technique?

In the All On Four technique, which is used in patients with no teeth, fixed prostheses can be made on it by placing 4 implants with a different method, without the need for too many surgical operations. In this treatment method where the dental prosthesis is fixed on the same day, permanent prostheses are made after 3-4 months. Thanks to this technique, the patient begins to use the temporary prosthesis on the same day, thanks to the implants placed at special angles to the sufficient bone in this anterior region and the appropriate superstructures.

What is cheek bone (Zygoma Implant)?

In cases where there is not enough bone to place an implant in the upper jaw, special implants placed in the zygomatic bone (cheekbone) are called Cheek Bone Implants. Thanks to this technique, fixed teeth can be made to patients whose jawbone has melted. Zygomatic Implants; It can be applied in patients with severe bone resorption due to premature tooth loss, in patients with unsuccessful sinus lift operation or bone graft applications, in patients with implant losses, in patients whose upper jaw has been removed due to a jaw tumor.

What is immediate Implant?

Immediate implant is the situation where the implant is applied immediately after tooth extraction. It can be applied if there is no infection in the tooth and there is sufficient bone in the area to be applied. Immediate implants are usually applied to the anterior teeth.

Are Implants all the same? Are they all the same quality?

One of the most important processes in implant treatment is the application of quality implants to patients. Implants have different brands and quality. In this sense, Alpi works with the highest quality and correct implant companies for its patients by showing extreme sensitivity to this issue.

Can you give me more information about Implant pricing?

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