Dental radiology is required to diagnose dental diseases and determine the duration of treatment. Using the digital system improves the image quality and significantly reduces the radiation dose to which the patient is exposed.

Radiography plays an important role in dental and oral health. Dental radiography can easily detect decays, bone loss and root canal problems that may be overlooked during dental examination. Moreover, radiographs assist dentists in orthodontic treatment and implants.

What is a panoramic roentgenogram?

Panoramic roentgenogram allows to visualize many problems in teeth and jaws in a single film. Thus, the treatment is planned faster and more accurately. It is necessary to determine the cyst, caries and tumor formations in the jaw and teeth that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Dentists will definitely ask them to review these films before surgery.

The operation area is reviewed from a broad perspective on the film, resulting in a higher success rate of the surgery.

In our clinic equipped with the latest technology devices, all details are taken into consideration for patient health.