A beautiful and bright smile not only looks great and brings happiness to others, it also shows that you care about your health to your environment. It also offers a better quality of life!

As Alip Diş, this combination of beauty, health and function is our ultimate goal for every patient. We call this “aesthetic dentistry” and we will explain why this care approach will help you achieve the best results.
What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry is a treatment method that combines art and science to improve your teeth. Aesthetic dentistry helps to correct teeth with the following features:

Curve Incomplete Stained Crack Chipping

Some people mistakenly believe that a perfect smile is the focal point of aesthetic dentistry. But while improving the look and brightness of your smile is part of the equation, it’s not the ultimate goal.

Instead, this care philosophy places special emphasis on the natural health and function of your mouth. By blending cosmetic products with this focus on dental health and wellness, the result is a naturally beautiful, healthy and long-lasting smile.
Benefits of aesthetic dentistry

Let’s look at an example to understand the benefits of this approach. Suppose you are unhappy with your smile – you want it to be brighter and less distorted. A purely cosmetic approach can produce a symmetrical and visually appealing (although it doesn’t look a bit fake), celebrity status, Chiclet-white smile.

The smile is correct, but it may not seem natural or real. An aesthetic approach tries to do more than just produce the perfect smile.

It helps you achieve your dental health by combining various scientific techniques and artistic skills to ensure you get a smile that matches your natural characteristics and personality.
Common aesthetic dentistry techniques

Aesthetic dentistry can be as simple as replacing a discolored and cracked old filling with a more natural looking filling that blends seamlessly with your natural tooth. It may also involve more complex procedures such as replacing a decayed or damaged tooth with a dental implant and a natural-looking crown.

As Alpi Dental hospitals, we offer 5 different aesthetic dental treatments to perfect your smile and health.

  1. Veneers – A porcelain shell glued to the front of your teeth. Corrects gaps, blemishes and discolorations, crumbs or cracks, and crooked teeth. It helps to restore the shape and function of your smile. Dental crowns – A cap to restore the shape, function and color of severely damaged teeth. It helps stop rotting and is also durable.
  2. Dental implants – A biocompatible titanium post that is placed in your jawbone to act as a natural root and restore missing or damaged teeth.
  3. Cosmetic bonding – Corrects dental defects by closing gaps, filling chips, smoothing jagged edges and polishing teeth. It is minimally invasive and strengthens teeth. Invisalign – The minimally invasive way to correct crooked teeth, close gaps, or give more space to perplexed teeth. It improves your dental health and your ability to care for your cleanliness and smile.
  4. Prosthetics – Strong and stable solution for missing teeth. It restores functionality like chewing and helps to minimize problems like gum disease and TMJ.
  5. Teeth whitening – A minimally invasive and highly effective way to return your smile to its bright and natural color.